GMATEK Software development kit products are released with a validation platform. The validation platform is composed of a scripting API and test suites for functional testing, stress testing and scenarios development.

Dicom SVC is released with SOP instances, series and study pattern generation tools for the image management side and  patient, visit, study, result, interpretation generation tools for the RIS side.

GMATEK has developed its own verification technology that goes far beyond Dicom Interfaces validation. Some of this technology has been integrated into product releases. GMATEK verification technology is based on abstract notations, code generators and test cases generators.

Dicom interfaces validation

To validate its Dicom interfaces GMATEK has been intensively using resources available on the internet.

The official home page for DICOM located at references many  tools available on the Internet such as the Central Test Node from Malinckrodt and Oldenburg universities.

Implementation guidelines, but also validation plan templates, test plans and test cases can be found at

Verification Notation and Test Generation

GMATEK has developed its own abstract notation to formalize verification and developed code generators to generate scripting test programs and test cases. This technology is particularly suitable in all phases of the development defining "block" testing (functional, limit, stress, destructive) with any given granularity. GMATEK verification technology is a productivity tool that allows developers to write and run complex test cases in minutes.

Scripting API

GMATEK products are released with a scripting API. A subset of the API available from within scripts is described in the Dicom SDK User Manual that is available online.

GMATEK scripting API includes Dicom SDK and Dicom SVC APIs. GMATEK scripting API is the foundation of a robust validation platform.

Scenarios Generation Validation

Examples of scenarios driven generation tools are provided with Dicom SVC products.