GMATEK is a technology provider for medical applications and network components. First product offering is composed of a Dicom Software Development Kit (Dicom SDK) and a Dicom Services Platform (Dicom SVC).

GMATEK also sells scaleable Archive and RIS servers ranging from 54 Gigabytes to 1.2 Terabytes and more.

GMATEK products come with a validation environment that includes a full implementation of a Dicom scripting API and scenarios generation tools.

Dicom implementations are full implementations. For example,  Query/Retrieve SCP implements the three models Patient Root, Study Root and Patient-Study Only in both hierarchical and relational mode. Another example, N-Get, N-Set, N-Create, N-Event-Report allow to create, modify, retrieve any normalised and extended attributes on Normalized Objects for  Patient, Visit, Study and Result Management and Performed Procedure Steps. 

When restrictions apply they are configurable. The database schema can be extended with new Dicom attributes for database insertion and query by configuration of the product. Configured Dicom attributes become query-able using Query/Retrieve or Modality Worklist.

Implementation provides both performance and low memory footprint. There can be multiple servers on the same host but only one server within the same process. A server is multi-threaded and can accept a configurable number of simultaneous associations. The maximum number of concurrent database connections is also configurable providing a scaleable price/performance adjustment on query/retreive and modality worklist. Image pixels never reside entirely in memory, saving both performance and memory footprint.

Implementation provides different level of tracing facilities. The level of logging is configurable without compromising performance if not selected. Logging levels are Errors, Send, Receive, Events, Audit and Debug. Audit level traces all SQL requests and Debug level traces all exchanged Information Objects, Command Sets and Data Sets.

Configuration, Monitoring and Journaling facilities. The servers come with both an API and a User Interface for configuration and activity monitoring. In addition the Image Store and the Object Store come with a jounaling facilities to log insertion, auto-delete or auto-archive of images or objects.

GMATEK Automated code generators. GMATEK has pushed Dicom modeling a step further by defining an abstract notation for Dicom objects, attributes, operations and modules. The abstract notation combined with syntactic analyser and C++ code generators has played a key role in GMATEK productivity: 20% of the code, 80% of the scripting API and some of the scenarios generation classes have been generated.

GMATEK Validation. GMATEK Image Server and RIS server have been intensively validated under windows NT with a 220 Giga Bytes  RAID subsystem from LEXIAS connected to 10 acquisition simulators and 32 workstation simulators over a 100 Mbits switched Ethernet. The longest verification test has been 28 consecutive days of continuous work. The test successfully passes when no incident occurrs during that period.