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GMATEK RIS Server is a stand alone repository of persistent Normalized Objects with Dicom Interfaces.

The server can store both normalized and extended attributes for Patient, Visit, Study and Result Management, and for Performed Procedure Steps.

The product implements Procedure Plan to map Scheduled Procedures into Scheduled procedure Steps. This mapping is configurable and specific to each site.

Any Dicom attribute, from any normalized object, can be set, retrieved or modified using the command interface N-Get, N-Set, N-Event-Report or N-Create.

The server is connected to a database and is Modality Worklist provider. A Normalized Object attribute may or may not be query-able depending on the software configuration. In fact, the mapping between a Normalized Object Dicom attribute and a corresponding database table and column is entirely configurable.

The server comes with a configuration user interface to declare other networking components and a monitoring user interface to display the current activity. Events are logged into journals to keep the history of activity.

GMATEK RIS Server has been designed to support large object stores with focus on performance, robustness, monitoring and journaling facilities.

For further information about GMATEK RIS Server or to contact a sale representative please feel free to send an EMAIL to mailto:gmatek@wanadoo.fr