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GMATEK Image Server is a stand alone retrieval system and  archive component with Dicom Interfaces.

GMATEK Image Server features and capabilities vary depending on the hardware installed on the server and depending on the software configuration of the server.

The server manages distributed  image stores and is optionally connected to a database - Oracle 8.0 or Microsoft SQL Server).

Multiple standalone servers can be connected to the same database, either on the same host or on remote hosts. Each server of the "Dicom Server Farm" is a query/retrieve provider for the entire set of images (100% Dicom compliant, no replication of images).

The server comes with a distributed configuration, either replicated or centralized. The - all in one place - configuration can be performed remotely.

The server comes with a ruled based (scripted) auto-routing of new images, and configurable auto-delete, auto-archive and prefetching features.

The server comes with a configuration user interface to declare other networking components and a monitoring user interface to display current activity. Events are logged into journals to keep the history of activities.

GMATEK Image Server has been designed to support large image stores with focus on performance, robustness, monitoring and journaling facilities.

Performance is related to three factors: network bandwith, disks and database access.

Ethernet networks should be switched networks with bandwith of 100 Mbits/sec or 1 Gigabits/sec.

RAID 5 storage systems should use ultra wide SCSI (40 MBytes/sec) or Fiber Channel connections (100 MBytes/sec). They often offer dual connections.

GMATEK recommends to use Fiber Channel connected RAID storage systems with Gigabit Ethernet and SCSI connected RAID storage systems with 100 Mbits Ethernet, even with several 100 Ethernet cards connected on the host.

Oracle 8.0 and Microsoft SQL Server database are scaleable and can support large image stores. Validation in our lab does not show any perceived performance loss up to several hundreds of thousands of studies on line.

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