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Development Kits
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GMATEK Dicom SDK and Dicom SVC are dedicated to software developers of medical applications that provides services to, or requests services from other application entities by mean of DICOM communication protocol or DICOM media interchange.

Dicom SDK and Dicom SVC architecture

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GMATEK Dicom SDK characteristics

DLL (size 400 k)

Support of 8-bits character sets.

Support of encapsulated transfer syntaxes.

Support of private dictionary. A specific call allows adding private dictionaries.

Built-in support of association management through association descriptors.

Built-in multi-threaded communication server (SCPs).

Single threaded SCUs.

Pixels do not reside in memory (smaller memory footprint and better performance).

No configuration files.

A tool to generate C++ wrappers for Dicom modules to ease the parsing and building of Dicom Information Objects and reduce the number of programming errors.

Scriptable API interfaced with the object oriented scripting language Python.


GMATEK Dicom SVC characteristics

DLL (size 600 k)

Full Dicom implementation of services in all options.

Multi-layer architecture (Dicom level service layer and Dicom Application Layer).

Multi purpose architecture fits in different types of products such as Dicom archive, Review station, RIS server or RIS Station.

Implements a scaleable standalone Dicom archive and/or RIS server.

May be down scaled to a light station, not connected to a database using the image store as a cache of images.

Distributed configuration API (directory of AE Titles, storage area, database schema configuration ).

Highly configurable through a configuration API (number of concurrent associations, number of database connections, association descriptors, Dicom tags < > SQL translation).

The database schema can be extended to support new Dicom attributes for insertion and query by configuration of the product.

Client callback to notify the arrival of Image Instances or Stand Alone Instances with a configurable set of Dicom attributes.

Configurable ruled based auto routing.

Configurable level of logging.

Scriptable API interfaced with the object oriented scripting language Python.


Limitations to be removed:

Print implementation.

16 bits character set supports.

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